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Cat D6 w/winch

1969? S/N 44A10634 this has rebuilt engine, new radiator and muffler, pins show some wear but will go a long time yet and could be […]

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Kawasaki 90Z wheel Loader w/pipe handler

2014 model w/3400 hours, Cummins engine and loaded w/extra options, well cared for and good operating condition, in Texas

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John Deere 690ELC

late 1990’s, 6477 hours, in Wisconsin, will have more details soon

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John Deere 450J crawler

2008 model w/890 hours, winch and fair lead, enclosed cab, 6-way blade and light package, in NY

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Bobcat 442C

2006 model w/approx. 3600 hours, 18000 lb. machine that works good and in Wisconsin

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Daewoo 130 LLV

2000 model, 30000 lb, 8 foot 6 inchs wide, .90 bucket, in Michigan

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Komatsu D375-1 w/ripper

1989 model w/enclosed cab, single tooth ripper, has been completely serviced and ready to work, 75% undercarriage remaining, in KY

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John Deere 544G w/bucket and forks

1999 model w/new tires and new transmission, quick coupler and 5 foot forks, in Canada, price is in U.S. funds

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Towmotor forklift

this has no ID tag so i don’t know lift capacity or year, will lift 1-ton easy, it is 4 cylinder gas that starts and […]

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John Deere 750J LGP

2012 model w/1850 hours, has ripper hydraulics and fresh paint, cab w/AC and heat, this worked on a salt barge and has some corrosion, in […]

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Cat 22 crawler tractor

s/n 2F 6894 this is a good restore-able tractor, engine turns over, looks to be complete w/original mag and carb, near new rails and sprockets, […]

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Topper Super 2 manlift

this will lift to 24 feet and is electric over hyd. looks like a good machine, owner bought newer on, in Michigan

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Yale 10000 lb. forklift

all new tires, 6 cylinder gas engine, looks like a machine that will do a lot of work yet, in Michigan

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Bobcat 825

not sure of year or hours, has Perkins diesel, pins and bushings are tight, has new bucket and forks, and new 12X16.5 tires, nice clean […]

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Taylor TE-300L

1998 model w/5900 hours, Cummins 6BT5.9 engine, 30000 lb. cap. 15 foot 3 inch mast w/side shift and 84 inch forks, 12R20 tries @30%, this […]

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Cat D6D crawler tractor

1979 model w/unknown hours, very good undercarriage, powershift trans, runs and works well, just spent $14000 for repair at Cat dealer, in Minn.

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HD 5


Allis Chalmers HD5 crawler loader

s/n  6944, this has good undercarriage, not running yet, just got it delivered to Antigo area 54409 this can be a project or parts and […]

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HD 5 005


Cletrac model 15

this appears to be complete and have good undercarriage, s/n 1058, it has been stored inside for last 10 years, appears to be tight now […]

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crane truck A-62016


International 7500 w/National HT530 crane

2003 model w/88872 miles, Eaton trans, and 7.3 IH diesel engine, crane is N100-38-45 w/remote hand controls, in Wisconsin

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grader, Bosch pump and slicer 010


Austin Western Super 500

this is 6-wheel drive, one of the best graders ever made, s/n 564 6816, V6 Detroit, manual trans. new 1300X24 tires, runs and works w/no […]

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Hyster 8000 lb. rough terrain forklift

gas engine and no leaks, ready to work and in Wisconsin

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Cat D350D Haul Truck

s/n 9RFoo447 w/18270 hours, owner also has Cat D250E haul truck and Cat 345BL exc, good package deal can be made, their work is done […]

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Cat D250E Haul Truck

s/n 5TN01748 w/13733 hours, owner also has Cat D350D and Cat 345BL and good package deal can be made, his job is done in Wisconsin

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Cat 345BL Series 11

s/n 0345BVAG501144 w/10113 hours, in Wisconsin, owner also has 2-Cat haul trucks for sale and a package deal can be made, these will be good […]

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John Deere 850J

2010 model w/5200 hours, new undercarriage at 4600 hours, power train warranty remains till 6000 hours or 5-29-16, financing available, in Ark.

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Cat 966G w/log forks

2003 model w/19000 hours and top log clamp, working daily in Ark, 50% tires

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Cat D2 002


Simplicity Screen

this is 4 1/2 foot wide and 11 1/2 foot long 1310 SSC  VM4019 in Wisconsin 54409

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Grove RT60S Rough Terrain Crane

S/N 39527 w/3242 hours, 18 ton w/72 foot of boom in 3-sections and 2-winchs, 16X24 tires @75% all matching, new McKissick 20 to 6 sheve […]

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cranes,forks and cats 014


Bucyrus 22B crane

371 Detroit, PARTS OR PROJECT in Wisconsin and will be sold for $250 per ton

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cranes,forks and cats 015


Cat 977 crawler loader

PARTS OR PROJECT, bad engine, very good undercarriage, lever steer and power shift trans, in Wisconsin, will be sold for $250 per ton

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cranes,forks and cats 017


Bucyrus Erie 15B crane

1966 model w/371 Detroit engine and in Wisconsin

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cranes,forks and cats 022


Bucyrus Erie 22B crane

318 Cat engine w/electric start, in Wisconsin

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cranes,forks and cats 024


Cat 977 crawler loader

20A series w/lever steer, this is project or parts and will be sold for $250 per ton, in Wisconsin

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cranes,forks and cats 031


Bucyrus Erie 22B crane

high walker model w/Detroit engine and lever controls, sold w/bucket or clam, in Wisconsin

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cranes,forks and cats 035


Bucyrus Erie 30 ton magnet crane

will be sold w/magnet, has 671 Detroit and air controls, in Wisconsin

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cranes,forks and cats 037


Cat 977H crawler loader

53 A series, this has pedal steer and 85% undercarriage, in Wisconsin

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Edgerton,Wisc. show trip 9-15 019


Pierce P-10 Roller

1916 model restored to show condition, i have seen this and watched it run, has Continental Red Seal 2-cyl. engine rated at 8 to 12 […]

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Edgerton,Wisc. show trip 9-15 021


John Deere 420 crawler loader

not sure of year but has good undercarriage and is in very good condition, owner is serious collector and has run this, knows the value […]

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Edgerton,Wisc. show trip 9-15 043


Cat D7 dozer w/winch

we have 2-of these w/near new undercarriage, not running but look to be complete, 1-has blade and winch removed, in Wisconsin, could sell for current […]

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Edgerton,Wisc. show trip 9-15 039


International TD24 dozer w/winch

not sure of year, good undercarriage, but not running, looks to be complete, this can be bought for current iron price or donated to valid […]

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8-9-15 137


Cat D4 w/LeTourneau 4-yd. scraper

this runs, steers and works well, good undercarriage, has electric start pony motor, these machines were bought together and need to be sold together, in […]

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8-9-15 163


Warco grader

1949 model that has been restored to new condition, has IH 4-cyl. gas engine w/electric start, near new 24 inch tires, needs nothing and ready […]

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8-9-15 162


Bay City model 30

1949 w/Hercules gas engine, all restored to near perfect condition and ready for work or play, in Wisconsin

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8-9-15 155


Hough HA loader

1948 model that has been restored and works well, just no longer needed, this will do a lot of work and is a good show […]

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Cat D6K 2XL

2014 model w/250 hours, limb risers and forestry package, enclosed cab and remaining warranty, in Al

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Volvo L120E loader w/ log forks and clamp

2006 model w/1330 hours, 80% tires, 1-owner and well maintained in Ar

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Volvo L-90F w/bucket and log forks and log clamp

2009 model w/40% tires, 10671 hours, good working machine in Tenn

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Komatsu 138 Zero Turn Excavator

2013 model w/690 hours, hyd. thumb, steel tracks, well cared for and working in Ar. ID H3-61615

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Komatsu PC220 LC-8

2009 model w/5400 hours, hyd. thumb, 1-owner, in good condition, working in Mo. ID H-61615 price reduced 2-9-16

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McCloskey 512 Trommel Screen

2014 model w/100 hours, 1- owner, new condition w/warranty, in Mo.

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Komatsu D-65EX

2014 model w/1000 hours, triple rippers, 6-way blade, enclosed comfort cab, factory warranty remaining, in Mo. price reduced 2-9-16

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Teledyne D5000 diesel forklift

Princeton 5000 lb. forklift w/brick forks, [works for pallets too] 3-wheel drive, stabilizers, will self load in piggyback position on tail of flatbed or straight […]

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case parts


Case W36 parts

rear axle,bucket,fenders and in Wisconsin

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linkbelt 2


Linkbelt FMC LS-2800 A

1984 model? rebuilt 353 Detroit engine, we have all the panels and doors, good machine for the age, in Wisconsin

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10C Fiat 001


Fiat Allis 10C w/winch

this is a good working machine and in Wisconsin

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Komatsu D61EX

2008 model w/4515 hours, 90% UC, 35% pads, 6-way blade, tight and dry, enclosed cab in Al

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Komatsu D275AX-5EO chip dozer

2010 model w/17700 hours,good undercarriage,only worked in chip pile,located in Texas

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Pacer 300 grader

this is late 1970’s model,471 Detroit and manual trans,12 foot mloldboard and front dozer blade,1300X24 tires and spare,books,former municipal owned,4-wheel drive and steer,in Wisconsin

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Komatsu D61-EW

2012 model w/750 hours,limb risers,6-way blade,triple ripper attachment,enclosed cab w/heat and AC,90% undercarriage and in near perfect condition,in MS

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Austin Western Super 500 grader T4-41514

1962 model s/n 565-166 13X2400 tires w/spare,snow wing,all hyd.6V Detroit engine,in Wisconsin

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T-Bird 122613 (10)


Case 1150E long track

1990 model w/9000 hours, new undercarriage, 10 foot all hyd. blade, in Wisconsin

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W-102513 scraper


Cat 627 W-102513

this is a very good machine that is no longer needed, 2-new radials tires on front, in Michigan, owner may consider old car or farm […]

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Linde 8000lb. Forklift T-71613

2010 model w/new tires, hydrostatic drive, 75 inch free lift, 147 inch total lift

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Cat D3G

2004 nmodel w/1600 hours,good condition,in Michigan

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