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Timbco 425D w/Timbco Bar Saw

2000 model, newer engine, final drives and pumps, good undercarriage, owner operated in Michigan

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Cat 563C w/Quadco 22 inch hot saw

2013 model w/1950 hours, center post hot saw, Cat Tier 111 engine, 30.5 tires @ 80%, this has just been serviced and has been well […]

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Tigercat 724G feller buncher

2015 model w/1140 hours, 5702 center post hot saw, 30.5 tires @ 85% in Texas

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Cat 563C feller buncher

2013 model w/4600 hours, tier 111 engine, 30.5 tires @60% 1-owner and in Mo.

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Cat 541 w/Hot Saw

2006 model w/10600 hours, 22 inch center post hot saw and 340 degree rotation 60% undercarriage on 24 inch pads, in BC  price reduced 8-28-17

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Tigercat 718 w/5603 hot saw

2005 model w/6700 hours. 20 inch bunching hot saw, 30.5 tires @60%, dualing rings on wheels and in Wisconsin

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Bell T120 swing boom

2001 model w/approx. 6000 hours, 30 inch cap. directional felling head and 150 degree swing boom, 60% undercarriage, clean cab w/joystick controls, heat and AC, […]

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John Deere 759J w/22 inch hot saw

2008 model w/9300 hours, center post head w/270 degree rotate, 50% undercarriage and 24 inch pads in CA.

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Cat 521 w/22 inch hot saw

2006 model w/5965 hours, center post head w/270 degree rotate, new undercarriage and 36 inch triple grouser pads, gull wing engine access, in Va. price […]

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Cat 573 w/Hot Saw

2012 model w/6300 hours, 22 inch center post head, 34 inch tires @40% 1-owner, in MS

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Tigercat 718 w/hot saw

2005 model w/6700 hours, model 5603 20 inch bunching hot saw, 30.5 tires @60%, dualing rings, excellent condition in Wisconsin

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Hydro Ax 311B w/shear head

4045T John Deere engine, 23.1X26 tires on Franklin axles, runs and works, extra shear head included, in Va. price reduced 10-14-17

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Hydro Ax 311B

this is good working machine w/John Deere engine and Timbco bar saw, includes chains and spare tire, in Michigan

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Timbco 820E

2001 model w/12000 hours, 8.3 Cummins, fixed boom and 20 inch Quadco hot saw w/40 degree tilt, like new, 1-set of tracks, in Wisconsin

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Timbco 445EXL w/Quadco hot saw

2005 model w/9500 hours, 22 inch head, 300 Hp. Cummins, 60% undercarriage, new aux. hyd. cooler, this is tight and dry in SD

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Tigercat 724E feller buncher w/Tigetcat bunching head

2013 model w/3300 hours, Tier 111 Cummins engine, 30.5 tires @ 70%, this is 1-owner and well cared for machine in Florida, price reduced 10-27-15

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John Deere 490D w/Fabtek saw head and bucket

1996 model, [this can be parts or project] engine runs but has knock when warm, undercarriage is good and includes 1-yd. dirt bucket, in Michigan

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John Deere 490E w/Fabtek saw head

1994 model, hour meter not working, Fabtek saw head, this has new saw bar and will cut 16 inch dia. trees. 70% undercarriage, in Michigan, […]

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John Deere 843K w/hot saw

2011 model w/6190 hours, 20 inch JD bunching head, 34 inch tires @60% clean,serviced and ready to work, in AR

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Cat 563 w/Prentice SC57 hot saw

2013 model w/3900 hours, Prentice SC57 center post hot saw, 30.5 tires @60% w/dualing rings, AC and Heat, 1-owner and in very good condition, in […]

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Valmet 603 w/hot saw

1998 model w/10400 hours, Koerhring 18 inch saw, new 28L tires and new chains, Cummins 4 cylinder engine, machine has been completly gone through, serviced […]

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John Deere 843G

1998 model w/10000 hours, 25% tires and 1-set of chains, working in Tenn.

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5001 Franklin


Franklin 5001

this is a 1-owner machine w/newer 6BT Cummins and Hydrostat drive, 28L tires,  20 inch shear head, looks tight and straight, in Wisconsin, price reduced […]

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Cat HF-201 hot saw head

2006 model w/approx.1000 hours of use,high speed disc,22.5 cap.cut,accumulating arms,360 degree rotation,very good condition,in SC

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Valmet 603 w/hot saw

1999 model w/new tires and chains,2200 hours? NE USA runs and works well,too heavy for the soft ground they are working in

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Timbco saw head

this is good condition,for Franklin or Hydro Axe type machine,in Wisconsin

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