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Fabtek 346B

2004 model w/approx. 17000 hours, new engine, pro-heat works, continuous rotation bucket and extend a boom, tracks and chains included, this is a clean machine […]

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Fabtek 546C

2001 model w/15100 hours, excellent tires, bunks are slightly bent, but has been well maintained and works well, in Michigan

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Ponsse Elephant King Forwarder

2015 model w/4400 hours, new engine was installed at 2000 hours, 750-55X22.5 tires and tracks all around at 80%, this has all the options, cold […]

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John Deere 540 forwarder

this is a good older machine w/roof mount loader and Cranab bucket, very good 23.1X26 tires, in Wisconsin

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Fabtek 546C

2001 model w/21000 hours, totally rebuilt engine w/425 hours on it, 2-new tires, in Wisconsin

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Tree Farmer C4 w/Hood loader

1984 model w/4 cyl. Duetz engine, good 18.4X26 tires, working good in Wisconsin

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TimberPro 830B Forwarder w/Hooklift Package

2011 model w/6800 hours,, has hooklift mount so it can carry forwarder bunk or refuse container, would be perfect for storm cleanup, 2 new rear […]

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Iron Mule 4501

1984 model w/23.1X26 tires, 3-cyl. Ford engine, new center section, in Wisconsin

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Valmet 544X Series11

1994 model w/ power shift and 268 Ford diesel, AC, newer Komatsu Bypass bucket and rotator, runs and works well in Wisconsin, price reduced 12-16-17

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Valmet 840.2

2002 model w/21000 hours, dozer blade, 2-new titres on rear and 2-sets of chains, newer gear box, working well and in Wisconsin

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Ponsse Buffalo King

2010 model w/6500 hours, includes tracks and new pontoons that have not been installed yet, brand new center bearing, in  Wisconsin

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Valmet 644 8 ton forwarder

1998 model w/13000 hours that was bought new and owner operated,has 300 hours on new Cummins engine, power shift trans. was resealed at  same time, […]

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Puma/Barko 612

2011 model, w/approx. 6000 hours, 700 MM tires, all updates have been done w/Barko, machine is running and in Minnesota, update 6-3-17 a new hyd. […]

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TimberPro 840B clambunk

2011 model w/8650 hours, 300 Hp. Cummins tier 111 engine, 750 float tires @30% [NO TRACKS] gull wing hyd. engine access, up-graded light package, 1-owner […]

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Valmet 646 forwarder

1998 model w/newer engine, good tight loader w/rebuilt valve bank, 600 mm tires w/1-set of tracks, in Wisconsin, price reduced 12-17-17

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Valmet 840.2  O-62016


Valmet 840.2

2003 model w/16000 hours, tracks included, tight and dry machine, in Wisconsin

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Valmet/Komatsu 895

2014 model w/9500 hours, 20 ton cap. all updates have been done including hydro trans, new hyd. pumps, all oils and filters have been changed, […]

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Rottne Rapid SMV 16 ton

2004 model 2/22000 hours, 8000 on new engine and pumps, in New Jersey, price reduced 9-14-16

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Timberjack 1110B

2000 model w/14600 hours, 5.9 Cummins engine, 1-year old by-pass bucket, 700.50 tires, squirt boom, Webatsu pre-heater, health is forcing sale, in Wisconsin, price reduced […]

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Allis Chalmers 653 dozer

1969 model w/power steering and 6-way blade, 1900 hours on new engine, new undercarriage, including rollers and sprockets, comes w/Gafner loader on good rubber tired […]

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