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Logmax 7000 w/120 total hours

this was bought new and used to cut 30 acres and removed, includes Log Mate 400 measuring system, computer and everything he had for mounting […]

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Rolly 11 heads

we have 2 available complete w/computers, not sure of year or hours, 1 does need rotation final drive, both are working heads in Pa. price […]

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Hyundai 130LC final drive motors and planataries

from 1993 model that burnt, we have 2 in Wisconsin, owner wants $3500 each

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Hyundai 130LC near new rails w/pads

from 1993 burnt machine s/n 0126 also have front idlers and springs, in Wisconsin

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C-4816 Voac


Voac 4-section hyd. valves

i have 2- of these from Lakewood roller stroke processor, they were mounted on head and came from burnt machine, in lower Michigan, $500 each, […]

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Valmet 380 processor head

2007 model w/approx.5200 hours, set up for Timbco carrier, new saw bearings and sensor, new feed wheel accumulator, lots of spare parts, rebuilt valve bank, […]

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2015 logging shows 130


Timbco 420 angle drive motors

we have both 40 degree angle drive motors that were not damaged in machine fire, type AA2-F part no. Cat 9T0899 51   s/n 1832372 […]

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2015 logging shows 131


Timbco 420 turn motor

this is Dow Max M-E1300AHE s/n tag is damaged, 71169 is all that is readable, made by Sumitomo-Eaton this from burnt machine we salvaged, fire […]

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Log Max 7000XT fixed head w/top saw

2012 model that was sold in 2014 and has just under 100 total hours, continuous rotation and color marking system Log Mate 500 control system, […]

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Ponsse 73 head

2000 model w/computer,excellent condition and ready for work

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