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Tigercat 845B w/Logmax 6000 head

1999 model w/2011 head, 402 computer, working machine in Canada, price is listed in US funds, we can help with transportation and brokerage

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Fabtek 546C

2001 model w/21000 hours, totally rebuilt engine w/425 hours on it, 2-new tires, in Wisconsin

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Cat 525C dual arch skidder

2010 model w/8000 hours, 30.5 tires, 3@25% and 1@ 90% this is tight and dry, AC and heat work, well maintained by one owner in […]

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Cat 525D skidder

2016 model w/3250 hours, dual arch and winch, 35.5 tires @ 70% w/ Eco tracks on front,this is well maintained and in Miss.

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Tigercat model 234B

2016 model w/740 hours, includes CSI delimber that has never been used, Hood circle saw slasher w/factory installed hyd’s, mounted on Pitts trailer w/hyd. legs, […]

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Lemco Model 60 log loader

2002 model w/late model extra wide grapple, has smooth pilot operated joystick controls, includes pump and hyd. tank, one owner and in good working condition, […]

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Cat 320C LL tracked log loader

2006 model w/7300 hours, 38 foot of reach w/live heel, cab riser w/hyd. tilt, bulkhead hyds. for attaching to slasher, good working condition, in California

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John Deere 648G111

2003 model w/11498 hours, 30.5X32 tires [TRACKS NOT INCLUDED] working in Michigan

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Timbco 425D w/Timbco Bar Saw

2000 model, newer engine, final drives and pumps, good undercarriage, owner operated in Michigan

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Peerless Walking Floor Trailer

2005 year, 45-CTSSF model, 11R24.5 tires, 88.6 cubic yard cap. air ride, GVWR 65000, in VA

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Cat D6 w/winch

1969? S/N 44A10634 this has rebuilt engine, new radiator and muffler, pins show some wear but will go a long time yet and could be […]

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Ecolog 580 w/AMF 60 head

2001 model w/6300 total hours, approx. 3000 hours on head, this has no measuring system, owner is cutting and delimbing only in Colo, job is […]

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Valmet 415 and 860.1 team

both are 2005 models, 415 has 2008 370E head, Sisu 215 Hp. engine, auto reversing fan, 36 inch pads on 30% undercarriage, 30 foot reach […]

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Kawasaki 90Z wheel Loader w/pipe handler

2014 model w/3400 hours, Cummins engine and loaded w/extra options, well cared for and good operating condition, in Texas

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Newhouse Bear Traps

we have a no.5 and no.50 models that are said to be in near new condition, he would like to sell together in Wisconsin

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John Deere 120 w/Fabtek 2000 series head

2001 model w/approx. 13000 hours, looks good w/near new undercarriage and in Wisconsin

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Cat 563C w/Quadco 22 inch hot saw

2013 model w/1950 hours, center post hot saw, Cat Tier 111 engine, 30.5 tires @ 80%, this has just been serviced and has been well […]

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Tree Farmer C4 w/Hood loader

1984 model w/4 cyl. Duetz engine, good 18.4X26 tires, working good in Wisconsin

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Barko 930 w/Fecon Mulching Head

2009 model w/3782 hours, rebuilt Cummins engine, machine is tight and dry in Ok, owner is retiring, 28L tires @60%

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Rex 235 Cement Mixer

this appears to be complete w/ LeRoi hit and miss engine, everything is tight but very re-storeable or use for lawn art as is, will […]

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Chevrolet Silverado 4-Wheel Drive

2001 model w/240000 miles, rusty but runs good, 4-wheel drive works, ABS not working properly and tie rod links need replacing, new tires and good […]

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Cadillac Eldorado ESC

this can be project, parts or will trade, 2001 model with approx. 50000 miles, Florida car w/no rust, i love this car and how it […]

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TimberPro 830B Forwarder w/Hooklift Package

2011 model w/6800 hours,, has hooklift mount so it can carry forwarder bunk or refuse container, would be perfect for storm cleanup, 2 new rear […]

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IHC S-1900 w/dump

1987 model w/under 90,000 miles, live tandem and lift axle, 407 V8 gas engine, 5-speed auto trans, air brakes, power steering, 24 foot box w/ […]

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IHC 1800 w/dump

1975 model w/under 50,000 miles, 392 V-8 gas engine, 4-speed auto trans and 4-speed splitter box behind it, hyd. brakes, power steering, 20 foot box […]

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KMC 2600 w/dual arch grapple and winch

1995 model, 1500 hours on KMC factory rebuild, Cummins engine, 85% undercarriage remaining and new torsion bars, front dozer blade, in Ill.

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TimberPro 735C w/Log Max 7000XT fixed head

2016 model w/1030 hours, working in Pa. lost contract for mill, near new w/warranty remaining

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Valmet 911.1 w/ 965 head

2003 model w/18200 hours, working in Wisconsin

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John Deere 690ELC

late 1990’s, 6477 hours, in Wisconsin, will have more details soon

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Ponsse Wisent

2004 model w/approx. 16000 hours, Mercedes 4-cyl. engine, movable rear bunk, good 700 MM tires, rear bogey bearings have been checked by Ponsse and are […]

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International log truck

1996 model w/343000 miles, 59000 on  re-man DT466 engine turned to 300 HP, 8-speed trans, new clutch, radiator and inter-cooler, Prentice F90 loader w/lever control […]

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David Bradley pump jack

this appears to be new and never used, can find no model number or Id tag, has been inside and turns over easy, in Wisconsin

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Log Max 7000XT w/top saw

2013 model w/1800 hours, Log Max 500 computer and Sure Grip handles, 1-owner and working in NY

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John Deere 450J crawler

2008 model w/890 hours, winch and fair lead, enclosed cab, 6-way blade and light package, in NY

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Tigercat 724G feller buncher

2015 model w/1140 hours, 5702 center post hot saw, 30.5 tires @ 85% in Texas

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Cat 563C feller buncher

2013 model w/4600 hours, tier 111 engine, 30.5 tires @60% 1-owner and in Mo.

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Cat 541 w/Hot Saw

2006 model w/10600 hours, 22 inch center post hot saw and 340 degree rotation 60% undercarriage on 24 inch pads, in BC  price reduced 8-28-17

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Willis Overland

1962 model w/31000 miles from out west, has 6 cyl. Super Hurricane engine that runs like new, 3 speed trans w/ hi and low, 4-wheel […]

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Bobcat 442C

2006 model w/approx. 3600 hours, 18000 lb. machine that works good and in Wisconsin

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6 inch water pump

this has Wisconsin engine and is said to work good, just no longer needed, in southern Wisconsin

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John Deere 490E w/4-roller Fabtek

1996 model w/approx. 15000 hours, engine and pump have been rebuilt, new turn table bearing and lots of spare parts, in Wisconsin

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Iron Mule 4501

1984 model w/23.1X26 tires, 3-cyl. Ford engine, new center section, in Wisconsin

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Post Hole Digger

this is 3-point and has 8 and 12 inch dia. augers, in Wisconsin

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Ponsse Ergo w/H73E head

2005 model w/approx. 17000 hours, all new cab installed in 2015, working in Wisconsin

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Valmet 544X Series11

1994 model w/ power shift and 268 Ford diesel, AC, newer Komatsu Bypass bucket and rotator, runs and works well in Wisconsin, price reduced 12-16-17

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Tigercat 718 w/5603 hot saw

2005 model w/6700 hours. 20 inch bunching hot saw, 30.5 tires @60%, dualing rings on wheels and in Wisconsin

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Bell T120 swing boom

2001 model w/approx. 6000 hours, 30 inch cap. directional felling head and 150 degree swing boom, 60% undercarriage, clean cab w/joystick controls, heat and AC, […]

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Seppi DT225 mulching head

2014 model w/0 hours, never installed or used, this needs 200 to 300 Hp machine w/85 to 100 GPM oil and 5000 PSI, 11.8 inch […]

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Ponsse Ergo w/H7 head

2011 model w/6800 hours, new swing motor and serviced by Ponsse 6 months ago, 700MM tires and tracks are included, this is a good working […]

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John Deere 648H dual arch grapple and winch

2014 model w/989 hours, torque converter, 30.5 tires, in Mo

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Bandit 3090 whole tree drum chipper

2010 model w/ 3900  hours, 525 HP engine, remote controls, this is 1-owner machine and well cared for, lost contract w/mill and no longer needed, […]

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48 foot 3-axle step deck

this has a good title and is air ride w/ramps for rear to haul machinery and wood, in Wisconsin

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Shop built spread axle trailer

this has had very little use and is in near new condition, plumbed for loader and rated for 90000 lbs. brakes look good, in Wisconsin

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Wood-Mizer Super Hyd. Model LT40?

[NOT ACTUAL PHOTO] this has 3-phase electric motor, has had very little use and works good, just not what the owner wants and needs, it […]

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Dynamic cone head chipper [now Barko]

this is 24 inch cap. w/2000 hours and remote controls, 250 Hp John Deere engine, Coldfire suppression system, factory updated drum fan blades & amp, […]

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John Deere 540G111

2014 model w/2800 hours, has heat and AC, 23.1X26 tires @75% tread remaining, in Indiana

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Doosan 300 w/Log Max 10000XT

2007 w/9800 hours, this has worked on landing only, has 36 inch pads on 50% undercarriage, has bucket cylinder for excavator, head will need some […]

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John Deere 653E w/4-roller Fabtec

late 1990’s model, hours unknown, good 4-roller Fabtek head and good undercarriage, fire suppression, in Wisconsin

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Valmet 840.2

2002 model w/21000 hours, dozer blade, 2-new titres on rear and 2-sets of chains, newer gear box, working well and in Wisconsin

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TimberPro 810 combi machine

2007 model w/just rebuilt 155HD Keto head and 2-set of tracks for head, owner willing to remove and sell head separatly, 7100 hours, this is […]

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Cat 559C on Evans trailer

2014 model w/641 hours, this can accept delimber if needed, in Pa.

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Bandit 2590 whole tree drum chipper

2010 model w/3810 hours, Cat 440 HP engine, 22 inch cap. new anvil, knife holders and in feed, in Ga.

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Barko 930 w/Fecon mulching head

2009 model w/3782 hours, rebuilt Cummins engine, 28L tires @60%, in Ok

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Cat 517 w/Esco swinging grapple

2000 model w/5400 hours, no winch, 75 % undercarriage, 6-way dozer blade, in Indiana

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Volvo w/Hood loader and 17 foot pup trailer

2006 model w/Volvo engine, 13 speed trans, air ride and full lockers w/410 gears, approx. 550000 miles, in Wisconsin

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Bandit 4000 FM w/mulcher and stump grinder

2015 model w/610 hours, JD 440 HP engine, 84 inch mulching head and 43 inch stump grinder, rear camera and winch, 90% undercarriage on 24 […]

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John Deere 759J w/22 inch hot saw

2008 model w/9300 hours, center post head w/270 degree rotate, 50% undercarriage and 24 inch pads in CA.

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Cat 521 w/22 inch hot saw

2006 model w/5965 hours, center post head w/270 degree rotate, new undercarriage and 36 inch triple grouser pads, gull wing engine access, in Va. price […]

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Daewoo 130 LLV

2000 model, 30000 lb, 8 foot 6 inchs wide, .90 bucket, in Michigan

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Mack quad dump truck

1994 model, 300 Mack engine and 7 speed trans, 17 foot box, air gate and tarp, in Michigan

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John Deere 230LC w/4400 Dehnarco delimber

2000 model w/22000 hours, 80% undercarriage, valve bank has been redone as well as winch drive motor, swing motor, swing gear box and hyd. swivel, […]

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Generac 130KW generater

2011 model ET 13068 with 300 hours, LP gas 6.8 liter V10 Ford engine, this is in perfect working condition, just a larger unit than […]

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Timbco 425D w/Keto 800 head

1999 m0del w/2002 head, 15500 hours, this has long boom w/squirt for 36 foot reach, recon 8.3 Cummins 260 HP engine, newer rails and rollers, […]

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Cat 573 w/Hot Saw

2012 model w/6300 hours, 22 inch center post head, 34 inch tires @40% 1-owner, in MS

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Tigercat 718 w/hot saw

2005 model w/6700 hours, model 5603 20 inch bunching hot saw, 30.5 tires @60%, dualing rings, excellent condition in Wisconsin

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Kenworth T800 loader truck

2010 model w/241000 miles, Hood loader, Paccar 485 HP engine and 18 speed, 20 front and 46 rears, 25500 tag axle, lots of extra features […]

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Ponsse Buffalo King

2010 model w/6500 hours, includes tracks and new pontoons that have not been installed yet, brand new center bearing, in  Wisconsin

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Ford w/tilt rack

1967 model, V8 gas, not running, 5 speed trans and 2 speed axle, i think rack is 24 foot and has hyd. cyl. winch, float […]

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John Deere 948L grapple and winch

2015 model w/3600 hours, 35.5 tires on dueling rings @70% and set of 30.5 tires @80%, big capacity dual arch grapple, 5 year or 6000 […]

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Trailmobile combo trailer

1995 model and 1-owner, 48 foot by 96 inch wide, near new brakes, aluminum bed and steel bottom in Wisconsin

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Volvo day cab

1994 model, 11.1 Detroit and 9 speed trans, air ride, good running and working truck in Wisconsin

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Western Star W4900 w/Manac 4-bolster trailer

2015 model glider w/79000 miles, DD15 Detroit 550HP, 10 speed trans, 10- new tires, full lockers and air ride trailer, warranty remaining, owner retiring in […]

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Western Star W4900 w/Viking 4-bunk trailer

2014 model w/218000 miles, DD15 Detroit 550HP and 10 speed Eaton trans, full lockers, spring ride on trailer, in south central USA

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Western Star W4990 w/folding Bear Pole Trailer

2013 model w/235000 miles and 550Detroit, 10 speed trans and full lockers in south central USA

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John Deere 548 G11 grapple and winch

1999 model w/10900 hours, enclosed cab w/Heat and AC, light package,  28L tires @ 35% and complete set of chains @ 80% working now in […]

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Fabtek 133 w/4-roller head

[NOT ACTUAL PHOTO] 2004 model w/approx. 13000 hours, runs and works in Wisconsin

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Valmet 644 8 ton forwarder

1998 model w/13000 hours that was bought new and owner operated,has 300 hours on new Cummins engine, power shift trans. was resealed at  same time, […]

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Pettibone Super 20

this is a working machine that is no longer needed in Wisconsin, owner would consider trade towards wheel loader w/bucket and forks

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rms house


House For Sale by owner

this is 3-bedroom 1-story w/new metal roof and newer vinyl windows, fireplace, full dry basement and full un-finished attic, has wheel chair access, 1-car garage […]

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Komatsu D375-1 w/ripper

1989 model w/enclosed cab, single tooth ripper, has been completely serviced and ready to work, 75% undercarriage remaining, in KY

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Hydro Ax 311B w/shear head

4045T John Deere engine, 23.1X26 tires on Franklin axles, runs and works, extra shear head included, in Va. price reduced 10-14-17

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John Deere 544G w/bucket and forks

1999 model w/new tires and new transmission, quick coupler and 5 foot forks, in Canada, price is in U.S. funds

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Towmotor forklift

this has no ID tag so i don’t know lift capacity or year, will lift 1-ton easy, it is 4 cylinder gas that starts and […]

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Doosan DX 225 LL log loader

2013 model w/5600 hours, has cab riser and hydraulic tilt, 35 foot live heel boom and boom light protection package, 28 inch double grouser pads […]

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John Deere 750J LGP

2012 model w/1850 hours, has ripper hydraulics and fresh paint, cab w/AC and heat, this worked on a salt barge and has some corrosion, in […]

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John Deere 653E w/4-roll Fabtek

1998 model w/13600 hours, runs and works w/good undercarriage in lower Michigan

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Ford 361 new short block

this is complete short block and old complete engine included, bought and never needed, in Michigan

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Ford F600

1958? w/low miles, was municipal owned, has very good running 6-cylinder Ford engine, 4-speed trans and 2-speed rear, like new 825×20 tires, this is rusty […]

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Farmall A

runs and works well w/good tires, in Michigan

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Chevrolet 3500 2-wheel drive

1989 model, high miles but well maintained municipal truck, 350 gas engine and auto trans, rusty but many miles left in it for work, GVW […]

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Corn Pro horse trailer

Updates November 6, 2016

bb-trlr-31992 model w/very little use, paint is faded but in very good condition, 12 feet long and 7 foot high, in Wisconsin $1700 OBO

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Farmall A

Olde Trucks,Tractors and Junk October 29, 2016

nice older tractor for work or play in Michigan, good tires too

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Gulfstream Tour Master

Updates June 16, 2016

1999 model w/6890 miles,  this has been stored most of the time since new, owner paid $525000 for this and another $15000 for motorcycle lift on rear, 450 Hp Cummins engine, in Canada $125000 Canadian Funds, this is a bargain if you can use it

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Hultdins 555-S grapple saw

Parts, Updates June 15, 2016

[Brand new] 2012 model, never used, 404 chain w/auto chain tension-er and auto bar return, built in bar feed cylinder, in Minn.

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John Deere 2154D Log Loader

Updates August 23, 2015

2011 model w/6551 hours, 1-owner, 36 foot reach, cab riser, 60% undercarriage, live heel set up but fixed rod in place now, Rotobec continuous rotation bucket, this is tight and dry and in MS

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Komatsu PC220 LC-8

Updates July 14, 2015

2009 model w/5200 hyd. thumb, 1-owner in very good condition, working in Mo.

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Timberjack 608S w/470Waratah head

Updates February 6, 2015

2002 model w/2006 head,new engine,tracks and hyd.pump,this machine is in excellent condition

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Fleetwood Discovery RV

Updates October 23, 2014

1997 model w/47000 miles,36 foot long,always stored when not in use,Cummins engine and auto trans,tow package and dolly,rear queen size bed,2-pull out sofas,washer/dryer combo,front and rear TV,side by side refrigerator and microwave,in Wisconsin

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Updates October 16, 2014

2010 model

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oil cooler W-52713

Parts, skidders May 27, 2013

good used condition

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oil cooler W-52713

Updates May 27, 2013

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hydro axe

Updates May 24, 2013

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Oil Cooler

Parts, skidders May 20, 2013

for 380 and 450 Timberjack, in Michigan

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Hello world!

Updates December 11, 2012

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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